Private Swimming Lessons at Home

  • Mobile Swim School servicing the Central Coast. 
  • Providing Learn to Swim Lessons at your home swimming pool for children aged 1-12 years. 
  • CrocStars learn to swim program offers a personalised, fun and positive learning experience with 1:1 or 2:1 lessons, available 7 days from 7am-7pm.
  • Take the stress out of getting the kids booked into a big swim school and hold their swimming lessons at your home pool or a friends/relatives.
  • If you have more than 1 child, we can teach all of your children back to back at one weekly home visit. This makes it very convenient for families.
  • Invite the neighbours, cousins or friends around for swimming lessons at your pool. The more lessons you book in, the cheaper it is for everyone.
  • CrocStars Swim Teachers are experienced, passionate, great with children and hold Swim Australia qualifications, CPR certificate, Working with Children Check and are fully insured.
  • Holiday Intensive Swim Programs - a fun activity during the school holidays which will accelerate their swimming skills & build confidence.
  • Selected CrocStars Swim Teachers are available for specialised Disability and Autism Swim Lessons at your home pool.
  • CrocStars is a registered provider with the NDIS.


  • We have five different lesson options (1:1 20mins, 1:1 30mins, 1:1 40mins, 2:1 30mins & 4:1 parent/child group for 1-3 years old) to ensure there is an option that bests suits your child(ren).
  • We offer Make-Up lessons for missed lessons (see policy below)
  • Our private lesson fees are very competitive and are cheaper than most of the commercial swim schools on the coast.
  • All bookings require an upfront payment of five weeks. If more than one family has booked in, each family will be billed separately.
  • To demonstrate our confidence in and commitment to our service, we will fully refund the cost of the first lesson if you are not completely satisfied. 


  • 1 hour of lessons per home visit = $99*

*Our minimum call out is a 1 hour booking

Discount Offers

The more lessons booked for each home visit, the bigger the discount.

  • 10% discount for bookings greater than 2 hours

Lesson Options

  • 20 Minute 1:1 Private Lesson (suitable for ages 1-12)
  • 30 Minute 1:1 Private Lesson (suitable for ages 2-12)
  • 40 Minute 1:1 Private Lesson (suitable for ages 5-12)
  • 30 Minute 2:1 Shared Lesson (The 2 students must be of a similar age and ability)
  • 30 Minute 4:1 Parent/Child Group Lesson (suitable for ages 1-4)

Please Note

  • Our minimum call out is a 1 hour booking
  • Children who book into a 30 minute 2:1 shared lesson must be of similar age and ability.
  • For safety reasons, our lessons are strictly 1:1 or 2:1, we DO NOT offer groups of 3:1 or 4:1.

Make-Up Lesson Policy

  • You must notify CrocStars of the non-attendance prior to the commencement of your lesson.
  • Two Make-Up lessons are offered for every 5 week block of lessons.
  • Make-Up lessons are subject to availability.
  • Make-Up lessons remain valid for 3 months from the time of the missed lesson.
  • Make-Up lessons WILL NOT be given for missed Make-Up lessons.
  • Make-Up lessons are not redeemable for cash or credit.


In the event of an injury/illness, where 3 or more consecutive classes will be missed, CrocStars will issue a credit on your account. This credit is valid for 6 months. A medical suspension form and accompanying medical certificate must be supplied before the credit can be arranged.

BOOK IN NOW - complete the suitable enrolment form below

Terms and Conditions

CrocStars Learn to Swim Lessons are provided in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions

1. Lesson structure

CrocStars Learn to Swim program ensures that the essential components of personal survival and water safety skills are provided, in addition to a process of developing strong and effective swimming technique.

1.1 Basic aquatic survival
When a child completes the beginner’s level classes, they will be able to:

Enter the water safely - Slide in entry and/or Seated and Kneeling Dives 

Submerge under water - demonstrate breath control 

Front and back float unassisted with correct body position 

Swim unaided for 15 meters using the “Swim, Roll, Float” and “Swim, Lift, Breath” technique 

Perform basic swimming strokes - 15 meters of Freestyle and Backstroke 

Perform individual “Water Safety and Survival Skills” and group rescues “Throw Rescue” and “Reach and Pull Rescue” 

Answer basic “Pool and Beach Safety” questions 

Exit the pool safely

1.2 Advanced aquatic survival
The advanced level classes teaches the following skills:

Correct stroke technique where students swim 50 meters of the following strokes in a continual sequence; 



Lifesaving backstroke, and backstroke 

Treading water for five minutes 

Swimming 50 meters in any stroke using a personal flotation device 

Diving and swimming underwater for 10 meters

Perform group rescues “Throw Rescue” and “Reach and Pull Rescue”

2. Enrolments

2.1 To book lessons please go to our and complete an enrolment form.

2.2 CrocStars will find a suitable day, time and teacher for your child that is within your recorded available times. Your lesson time will then be confirmed via email.

2.3 To confirm and secure your child’s enrolment with CrocStars, you must pay upfront for the term within the due date period stated on the invoice. Please see “Payment Policy” below.

2.4 Home swim lesson enrolments during the school terms are booked and invoiced on a term-by- term basis. Depending on the time of year and when school holidays fall, each term will usually run for 9-11 weeks.

2.5 Once payment has been made, the parent/guardian acknowledges and agrees to CrocStars Terms and Conditions.

3. Payment methods

3.1 All payments are to be made by making a direct deposit into the bank account below:

Direct Deposit to: 

Van Hese Enterprises Pty Ltd

BSB: 302-963

Account no. 051913-2

3.3 We do not accept cash. Our instructors do not handle cash and we require payment via the method described above.

3.4 CrocStars will soon have an easy to use online booking which allows customers to pay for their enrolments by credit card using a secure online booking system.

4. Cancellation policy

4.1 Lessons will proceed regardless of adverse weather conditions, including rainy and cold weather. However, if a parent considers conditions to be unsuitable for their child’s lesson to proceed they must provide a minimum of 12 hours prior notice by telephone or text message to CrocStars in order to arrange a make-up lesson.

4.2. Notwithstanding condition 4.1, the instructor will immediately suspend a lesson in the event of an extreme weather event such as thunderstorm, lightning or hail and arrange a make-up lesson.

4.3 In the event of sickness or other reason for cancellation, a parent must provide a minimum of 12 hours prior notice by telephone or text message to CrocStars, in order to arrange a make-up lesson.

4.4 Every effort will be made to accommodate a make up lesson, however, make up lessons are subject to availability and can only be made within the current paid term. Therefore, CrocStars cannot guarantee that a make up lesson will be made before the end of term.

4.5 Please respect our precautionary health rules and refrain from lessons if your child is suffering from the following:

• Any contagious disease
• Flu, fever, head cold, infected runny nose, sore throat, cold sores and open wounds • Vomiting, diarrhoea, symptoms of gastroenteritis, ringworm or head lice.

4.6 Cancellations without the required 12-hour notice will not be refunded and a make-up lesson will not be offered.

4.7 Make-up lessons can only be arranged by emailing a request to [email protected] and must not be made with your instructor.

4.8 The Instructor has the discretion to suspend or cancel a lesson/s where a parent fails to meet the terms and conditions contained herein, especially when the health and safety of the child, Instructor or any other person is placed at risk.

4.9 We do not offer refunds or credits for missed lessons.

5. Teacher Policy

5.1 Whilst every effort will be made to provide your child with the same Instructor, CrocStars retains the right to provide a substitute Instructor

5.2 CrocStars strives to maintain consistency with instructors, although this is not always possible. CrocStars reserves the right to cancel or change classes and instructors where needed.

5.3 If a CrocStars swim instructor is unable to attend your child’s scheduled lesson due to sickness or leave, a replacement instructor will be organised and you will be notified by text and/or email at the soonest possible time.

5.4 For teacher training purposes, swim instructors may be paired up with a trainee instructor during your child’s lesson. In no way will this affect your child’s lesson.

6. Swimming attire

6.1 It is the parent’s responsibility to dress the child in preparation for and on completion of the lesson.

6.2 Please ensure your child has a pair of swimming goggles and a swimming cap if they have long hair.

6.3 All children that are not toilet trained must be wearing a swimming nappy.

6.4 Please ensure your child’s swimwear does not contain any buoyancy material or devices, as this will impede the effectiveness of the lesson.

6.5 Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate sun protection e.g: sunscreen and rash shirt

7. General pool rules

7.1 It is the clients responsibility to ensure and protect the health and safety of the Instructor during the course of the lesson, including entering and leaving the property.

7.2 Please ensure any dogs on the property are properly secured immediately prior to the arrival of the Instructor.

7.3 Please ensure water quality including disinfection is maintained to acceptable standards and the pool environment is safe and compliant with all legislative requirements.

7.4 Please ensure a current Resuscitation poster is clearly displayed within the pool enclosure as required by legislation.

7.5 Please ensure your child is dressed in their swim attire and ready to commence the lesson at the appointed time. Lessons will start and finish at the scheduled class time and will not be extended if the child is late to commence the lesson.

7.6 A lesson can only proceed and continue whilst a parent or responsible person over the age of 16 years, nominated by the parent is present.

7.7 It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their child immediately prior to and on completion of the lesson.

7.8 Only children under instruction can be in the pool during the course of the lesson.

7.9 Children misbehaving or not adhering to instructions will be asked to sit on the side of the pool until they are prepared to co-operate.

7.10 It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise children not participating in the lesson.

8. Public Holidays/School Holidays

8.1 Your term enrolment will exclude public holidays, therefore do not form part of your fees. If you wish to book a lesson that falls on a public holiday, CrocStars will organise an instructor and charge you for this single booking.

8.2 CrocStars will run school holiday intensive programs during the spring and summer NSW school holiday breaks. You will be notified by email with relevant information regarding dates and prices.

9. Photography/Filming

9.1 Occasionally, our instructors will photograph/film children in their lessons. These videos and pictures, will be used for teacher training purposes and may also be placed in our newsletters and on our facebook/website. Please advise your instructor if you would prefer us not to use images of your child for these purposes.

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